Published: 1st of September 2015

10. February, 2015 – Due to increasing customer demand for its high-performance monocrystalline blocks and wafers, Norwegian Crystals has reached 100% capacity utilization in the company┬┤s facility in Glomfjord, Norway. “With a steady growth in capacity utilization since we started our production in October 2013, we are pleased to see all our 50 pullers running”, says Ivar Blekastad, COO in Norwegian Crystals. Norwegian Crystals are delivering products to both Asia, Europe and USA and is now one of the largest independent mono ingot producers outside Asia.

About Norwegian Crystals
Norwegian Crystals operates 50 czochralski furnaces in Glomfjord with a total capacity of 200 MW, aquired from the REC Wafer bankruptcy trustee in July 2013. The company manufactures high-performance monocrystalline ingots and blocks at its facility in Glomfjord, Norway. With a strong crystallization experience, a highly automated production process, and cheap, clean hydro electric power, Norwegian Crystals is able to obtain a high quality and a low production cost. The company sells both p-type and n-type mono blocks and wafers to some of the largest players in the global PV industry.